What You Need to Know About CoolSculpting-Criolipolise Fat Freezing Treatment

Before a CoolSculpting treatment, one needs to come to a Med Spa to analyze important factors that must be viewed before the Freeze Away Fat procedure starts; if only to eliminate localized fat, sought expert shall present to the patient the best regions to be treated, so that it gets more satisfactory results. During the consultation, you should also evaluate the patient’s weight, whereas the criolipolise is recommended only for those who are close to your ideal weight. The process is simple. The patient lies with the chosen region exposed and, it is applied over the skin a gel which protects it from the cold and then the equipment starts to be used. Two plates hold the skin of the site and, later, the skin is sucked into the vacuum to be cooled. Between 30 and 60 minutes, that part of the body is exposed to a temperature of up to -10 Celsius.

After the adipose is broken, the body’s defense cells perform apoptosis, sending fat to the liver where it is metabolized, in a process similar to what happens in the feed. This phenomenon, of which the Criolipolise is used, it is natural in the human body and the patient is not subjected to any kind of overloading the liver. In post-treatment is common there is redness in the area and the patient can still stay with bruises at the scene. However, the people who pass by the CoolSculpting’s Criolipolise are able to return to their routine tasks after the session. The results can be perceived from six to eight weeks after the procedure and, at that time, it is recommended that the patient take the healthiest lifestyle possible.

The Belly Area being treated with Coolsculpting is often necessary to perform more than one session. Experts still can’t get an accurate reading of how many for sure, because it depends on the thickness of adipose tissue in question. But, in these cases, two sessions are enough to eliminate the excess fat in the region.

The Criolipólise is contraindicated for children under 18 years. Also must not be a pregnant women, diabetics, heart patients and obese. However, diabetics and heart may be able to go through the treatment, as long as you do a query to set measures that must be taken. The patient must comply with the six to eight week interval between sessions and, if necessary, must be previously done calculating ideal weight, respecting it.

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