When Phoenix hits 110 degrees, your skin better be ready..

Can you believe Phoenix already hit 110 degrees? One hundred ten degrees in early June!

If you’re a resident of the Valley of the Sun, you know that we need to make those necessary changes to survive the summer 2014 in the desert. From switching to looser, more comfortable clothing to choosing the right treatments for the skin, we’ve got some tips that could help make the heat tolerable while looking effortlessly fabulous without sweating it:

1) At least once a month, treat yourself to a facial…like a real, professional facial that can help calm, hydrate and cool your skin during these hot months. Believe us, it’s worth the money. This sudden climb in temperatures can leave your skin confused and out of whack. And that esthetician can be your best friend because she can customize your facial to make your skin adjust to the climate change. Our favorite kind? The Skin Brightening Facial because it has Vitamin C and other essential ingredients that can help prevent hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration and sun spots. In-between facials, make your own soothing and moisturizing facial by mixing mashed up avocados, natural honey and a little bit of lemon juice.

2) Sunblock. We know you’ve heard it but we’re going to say it again…and again. Wear sunblock! And here’s why: the ozone layer is depleting so you need a shield from the sun’s harmful rays; because we say “no” to brown spots and skin discoloration; because you don’t want to look blotchy; because premature aging is not cool at all; because skin cancer is on the rise, enough said. Our go-to sunblock product is the Obagi Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 50. It has a high sunscreen protection and it gives a nice matte finish. Perfect to wear under make-up!

3) Winters in the desert make your skin all dry and flaky. Don’t think the summers will be of any help. Summer time in the Valley means 5 percent humidity…that’s nothing! So the dry skin continues. But fret no more because a luxurious Shea Butter Scrub body treatment will do your skin some good. Once or twice a month, let an expert slough the dead skin cells off you and moisturize you all over while you lie there in complete relaxation. In-between treatments, choose a rich moisturizer that your skin will soak up and love. If you’re into DIY beauty, try this as a moisturizer: a few drops of coconut oil on shea butter and slather all over. Thank us later.

4) Before you don that bikini and hit the beach…let’s talk about waxing. For this summer, let this be your mantra: I want smooth, healthy skin! So after doing everything mentioned above, remember to stay smooth, especially in the nether regions. And a proper Brazilian wax will do just that. Yes, it will be uncomfortable but soooo worth it. You want it easy? Then the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal treatment might work for you. Actually it works for many skin tones and, it’s virtually painless. Sure it costs more than a Brazilian wax session, but it lasts a looooong time.

5) Finally…makeup. You want the mineral kind during the hot summer months. Aside from the great coverage and the range of colors it comes in, mineral makeup is water proof. Sweat will not smear or smudge it, and it will not be absorbed by sweat. Our fave, LD Mineral Makeup foundation powder, is our recommendation. It has a sheer and semi-matte finish, nothing cake-y Plus this foundation has it all – sunscreen, concealer-like qualities and ingredients that promote healthier skin! It truly is the way to go.

So start with these tips and make the heat of the summer work in your favor! And yes, it’s okay to treat yourself to something relaxing and luxurious once in a while. You work hard, you play hard, and a spa treatment is so worth it.

Stay tuned for more tips and beauty news right here, folks. In the meantime, share us yours and…keep smiling!