What Can Asparagus Do For You?



Miracle vegetable?

Asparagus is not a miracle vegetable, but it’s as close as any vegetable can ever be. Raw asparagus is abundant in vitamins, minerals and various other nutrients. Numerous studies have discovered its benefits for the heart, kidneys, immune function, cognitive function, and fetus, just to name a few.

Asparagus Extract is a 1:100 organic extract of fresh whole asparagus, including the roots. So you can imagine how much more potent and nutritious it is.

Excellent Alkaline Agent

In the past few years, there has been much talk about acid/alkaline balance and how that affects our health. What we know is that our bodies are meant to be slightly alkaline. However, many of the foods we eat tip the scale towards acidity. An acidic condition is associated with such diseases as arthritis, infections, obesity, hypertension, acid reflux, kidney stones, and many more. Asparagus Extract has a very high alkaline-forming capacity, creating an environment in the body that is conducive to bone formation and weight balance, for example.

Asparagus Extract for the Heart

Asparagus Extract reduces Homocysteine

What is homocysteine? It is an amino acid that causes arteries to harden and thicken, increasing the chance for stroke and atherosclerosis. One study shows that taking a 5-gm pack of Asparagus Extract 2-3 times daily reduced homocysteine levels by 28% in 4 months.

Asparagus Extract reduces Arterial Thickness

Asparagus Extract is one of the richest sources of natural folate, containing over 400 mcg of folic acid per 4.5gm of powdered extract. This is one of the reasons it can reduce homocysteine levels. Additionally, its natural folate content also reduces thickness of the carotid artery. This is an added benefit for cardiovascular health.

Asparagus Extract regulates Blood Pressure

Many doctors recommend a diuretic as first-line therapy of choice for hypertension. As a well-established natural diuretic, Asparagus Extract can be taken by those with high blood pressure.

Preliminary studies have shown that Asparagus Extract may inhibit the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). ACE inhibitors relax the blood vessels, allowing them to expand and promote blood flow, thereby reducing blood pressure
Asparagus Extract for the Kidneys

Natural Diuretic

One of the main hallmarks of impaired kidney function, symptom-wise, is reduced urine output. When you are unable to urinate, fluids and toxins accumulate in your system, impairing your kidneys and other organs. Since Asparagus Extract is a natural diuretic, it is very helpful for individuals with water retention.

Reduces Creatinine, BUN and Increases GFR

Asparagus Extract can also help normalize creatinine, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), urine protein and glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Those with kidney failure know that these are important parameters to measure kidney function. Studies and case reports show that Asparagus Extract is effective in lowering creatinine, BUN, and urine protein as well as in increasing creatinine clearance and GFR.

Helps Fight UTIs and Kidney Stones

What’s more? As a natural diuretic and an alkalizing agent, Asparagus Extract is excellent for urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney/bladder stones. By maintaining the proper pH level, the formation of stones can be avoided. By increasing urine output, it helps flush the kidneys and dilutes urine to stop the crystallization of stones.

Asparagus Extract’s effect on kidney function is illustrated in the following case.

R. Rozich, DC from Illinois, has a 60-year-old male diabetic with kidney problems. His GFR was only at 59% while his creatinine level was high. After taking Kidney Chi and Asparagus Extract for 6 months, both GFR and creatinine improved significantly.

Asparagus Extract Lends Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients

For years, Asparagus has been the subject of many cancer studies because it contains substances with cancer-fighting properties: asparaginase, glutathione, selenium, quercetin, saponins and more.Its cancer-fighting properties range from immune enhancement to telomerase inhibition to restriction of DNA synthesis to topoisomerase inhibition.

Various studies show that Asparagus Extract promotes quality of life among cancer patients and reduces side effects from chemotherapy or radiation. One such study involved 168 lung cancer patients. Results show that 18.75% of patients taking Asparagus Extract + chemotherapy extended survival by over 4 months and over 1 year, among Stage 3 and Stage 2 lung cancer patients, respectively. Only 14.28% of patients on chemotherapy alone experience this result.

Moreover, 59.8% of patients on the combined therapy extended survival by more than 6 months and 2 months among Stage 3 and Stage 2 lung cancer patients, respectively. This is in comparison to 37.5% in the chemotherapy alone group.

Asparagus Extract

Asparagus Extract

Take the Asparagus Challenge!

Now you see why Asparagus Extract can be considered an almost-miracle supplement. It has so many benefits. In previous emails, we shared how Asparagus Extract can improve eye health, prevent birth defects, and reduce the risk for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Now we presented its functions for the heart, kidneys and cancer. Gout patients, though, need to avoid Asparagus Extract because of its purine content. Other than that, it is safe to take Asparagus Extract, even during pregnancy. In fact, it is recommended during pregnancy because of its high folate content to prevent birth defects.

So what are you waiting for? Try Asparagus Extract now! BUY NOW

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Hayden Panettiere postpartum depression. Natural treatments that can help her and other women..

Nashville star and country singer Hayden Panettiere is seeking professional help for her postpartum depression. Panettiere’s rep tells People that the 26-year-old “is voluntarily seeking professional help at a treatment center, as she is currently battling postpartum depression.

In light of such news, we thought we would share some natural treatments written by Dr. Erika’s that can help with postpartum depression.

I’m going to talk today a little bit about how to treat postpartum depression naturally, and some things you may want to speak to your doctor about if you think you have postpartum depression or anxiety.

The very first thing we should talk about is some lab work. So when we talk about treating postpartum depression naturally I really want to know why someone has postpartum depression, and not to just treat it presumptively. (In other words – is it really postpartum depression?) So the first thing I want you to talk to your doctor about is getting some basic bloodwork done.

hayden panettiere

hayden panettiere

The first thing I like to order is a Complete Blood Count (or “CBC”) to see the size and shape of your red blood cells and white blood cells. If you have too low of red blood cells (anemia) that can be a frequent cause of fatigue and depression. An add-on test to that would be something called a serum ferritin, which checks the storage form of iron. This is a much more reliable test than a serum iron because serum iron levels can fluctuate, whereas the ferritin stays relatively the same. If you did have anemia or iron deficiency in pregnancy then this test is even more important (though I think everyone should get checked in postpartum, just in case).

The next thing you should do is have your physician check you for postpartum thyroiditis. Postpartum thyroiditis occurs in over 5% of women (that’s a lot of women), and remember that the symptoms can mimic depression very closely. Check out the full blog post about postpartum thyroiditis and postpartum depression.

You should also check your vitamin D if you hadn’t at some point in pregnancy. The best test for this is 25-OH (hydroxy) vitamin D.

Your checklist for labwork:

  • A CBC (with differential, to be precise)
  • A serum ferritin
  • Thyroid panel (see the full video about thyroiditis to see what I recommend)
  • 25-OH vitamin D.

Your physician may choose to do a few more tests, too (like a metabolic panel or urinalysis).

The next thing I do for women with postpartum depression is to check their gut. I’m not totally sure why this is, but I seem to see a lot crossover between gastrointestinal symptoms/abdominal pain and depression and anxiety, which I think is pretty interesting. So you if have any symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation (or alternating diarrhea and constipation), fatigue or brain fog – these may be symptoms of gut dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is simply the overgrowth of abnormal bacteria.

Pretty interesting – very recently there was a study that came out that reserachers could induce anxiety in mice just by changing their gut flora. They took the gut flora from anxious mice and put it into normal mice and made them anxious (and vice versa, they took good gut bacteria and fed it to anxious mice and saw that their anxiety decreased). I think that’s pretty cool. It is something that naturopaths have been saying for years (decades now!) about the relationship between gut health and mood.

There’s a lot to say about treating healing the gut. One is definitely removing food allergens. That is something we need to be a little careful about in the postpartum period because consuming calories – making sure you have enough calories to maintain lactation to be able to nurse your baby – takes priority over us really healing your gut at this point. But that said, if you have known food “allergens” (sensitivities) like a gluten sensitivity or a dairy sensitivity this is a good time to check in on those foods and eliminate them whenever you can, as long as you can maintain enough calories to sustain nursing. (Side note: a true food “allergy” is the anaphylactic kind, most people have food sensitivities. I misspeak a little in the video, and I want to keep my terminology straight!)

The next thing I like to do for folks who do have gastrointestinal complaints is give them very high quality probiotic. So all high quality probiotics should be somewhere in the thirty and forty dollar range. If you’re buying a ten dollar probiotic chances are those an organisms aren’t alive anymore and and that’s not such a good thing. I really like the Klaire Labs brand probiotic (I don’t get any money from endorsing them, though it would be nice if I did!) – they are a little harder to find. I also like the Culturelle brand probiotic, which you can find most places.

Another thing that I like to do for folks – this can be related to the gut, but is more related to brain chemistry itself – is getting on a good high quality fish oil as well. I really like the Pharmax brand – Nordic Naturals and Carlson’s are also pretty good. (Still don’t get paid to endorse them, though the Nordic Naturals link is through my Amazon account, if you’d like to support this blog.) I prescribe at least 5 grams per day of combined EPA and DHA. Normally we think about DHA being great for brain development – which it is – that’s what we give our moms in the prenatal period to make sure the baby’s brain development is good. It’s important to supplement DHA, but it is actually the EPA component that seems the best for anxiety and depression. So I want you to get one that has both. Make sure you speak with you physician about that – there are a few I’m subtypes and women thatthis is not an appropriate prescription for.

The next think I’d like to talk about is getting folks on a really good quality multivitamin. I use the Thorne brand here in my office (still no affiliation). I know I’m talking about brands a lot, and that is because it seems that brand do matter when it comes to efficacy. At the least, I have found that switching folks from a low (Costco) or even medium quality (Good Food Store) brand to Thorne/Pharmax, etc, it makes a big difference. (Read more here about why picking a high quality multivitamin is so important.)

Make sure to keep taking your prenatal vitamin all the way through postpartum – for as long as you are nursing your child (and possibly longer). Remember that if you’re nursing your little one is sucking all those nutrients out of you via your breast milk. That’s why taking a good quality prenatal vitamin and fish oil is so important – if you are losing important fats and nutrients it can contribute to fatigue and depression. Sometimes women just don’t have enough B vitamins to get through the day.

Speaking of B vitamins – that’s the next thing I like to do for folks. If the regular prenatal vitamin isn’t quite enough, or if you are feeling really fatigued or stressed out, you can start on a basic B vitamin. This one is a bit trickier to say who should do what and how much to take. It’s a bit more personalized – B vitamins definitely aren’t for everyone, andand and there’s some safety data that’s lacking for certain B vitamins and certain doses in the postpartum period in lactation. Check with your physician about that one as well.

I should also mention that exercise is probably the best thing that you can do for yourself in the postpartum period to prevent depression or to treat depression. There is tons and tons research on how important and really effective exercise is in improving depression. There are even research studies that compare exercise to SSRI’s and anti-depressants. Exercise inevitably wins! That is really neat.

I know that can be really difficult for a lot of women in the postpartum period to exercise. You’re tired, you’re stressed out, you’re really really busy – but it’s really important to make sure you get outside in at least take your little one for a walk every day at least 30 minutes. You will notice your mood improves pretty significantly.

Make sure you get exposure to good bright light during the day if you can. If you live in the Pacific Northwest’s or Alaska or some of those gray areas of the country, I do recommend getting one of those broad spectrum lightboxes (like a Happy Lite) those can be really helpful for for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) patients that are really sensitive to light.

Finally, the very last thing that you can speak with your physician about if all of these other things haven’t been quite enough… And I know these things seem really basic – but I’ll be honest, in about half or more than half of cases in my practice, just the things I have mentioned so far have really turned a lot of women around. The last thing you can consider speaking with your physician about is getting a prescription for progesterone. In pregnancy progesterone levels are really really high. Progesterone actually acts on the GABA receptor in the brain – which means that it acts like Valium in the brain. So you can imagine why you normally feel pretty happy in pregnancy (well, maybe not so great otherwise, but usually mood is pretty good). In the postpartum period there is a very sudden drop in progesterone and for a lot of women that can really trigger some severe depression and anxiety. Because – that vallium is taken away!

So what we can do for some women who are experiencing very severe depression or anxiety is to replace progesterone for a time so that we can more closely control the weaning off of progesterone. That would be 100 to 200 milligrams of oral micronized progesterone, also known as Prometrium. It is a peanut oil product, which is very frustrating, so if you are allergic or sensitive to peanuts it may not be appropriate for you. Once again, it can be very helpful for some women, but you have to talk to your doctor about that one – it is not perfect for everyone.

I’ve got lots more tricks up my sleeve for postpartum depression anxiety treatment. Usually it involves a lot of evaluation of women. I am looking out for further food allergies and sensitivities, I check nutrient balance and look at diet, make sure folks are getting enough protein, and lots of other lifestyle factors. I will speak a little bit more about those in future episodes.

I hope you enjoyed this! Please comment under this blog post if you have any other questions or need clarification.

In HOPE and good health,

Dr. Erika

Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa
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Mineral wrap keeps 80-year-old young


Victoria the developer of Suddenly Slimmer’s famous mineral wraps, loved by Hollywood celebrities, just turned 80. She has been getting wrapped for over 45 years now,  she credits the Mineral Body Wrap for helping maintain her health, energy and youthfulness….  Below she shares her personal story.

Can you imagine being an Octogenarian? I remember experiencing, at 16, the beautiful sadness of knowing I would never live to be 21! What a drama queen I was!

Handling the different effects of increasing age, as I experienced them, has paid off. There are a lot of things that happen from decade to decade. The first big change was in my 40’s, suddenly all the things that worked on my skin and hair stopped working. I had to try many different products to come up with a regimen that worked. My 50’s were pretty smooth, at 60+ I had to develop cleanser and creams as the store bought ones just didn’t cut it. I call the 70-80 year range, Repair. It seemed as though all my bad habits caught up to me, it took a lot of inventing to reverse those negative physical changes.

However here I am at 80 and plan on living many more decades and in taking inventory I realize that:

I don’t wear glasses and take NO medication or drugs.

My hearing is good and I can smell something burning long before younger people notice it. The senses seem to be at an optimal level.

I am flexible of body and can bend over and put my palms flat on the floor, without bending my knees, something I couldn’t do at 30, when I was experiencing arthritic symptoms, which got painfully worse, until I developed the mineral wraps and started wrapping myself at age 34.

I am still physically strong and can run very fast.

Wow! I’ve been getting wraps for 46 years.


Not bragging, just noting the difference between my physical condition and the usual state of a body at 80. I can attribute the differences to the fact that I have been wrapped in my mineral wrap solution a LOT over the years and as Dr. Linus Pauling stated “all diseases are a result of mineral deficiencies.”

I had a rough start in life as I had measles, mumps, chicken pox, polio, rickets, pneumonia, malaria, bronchitis and just about any cold or flu that came around. At 16 I picked up a copy of Prevention magazine and read it from cover to cover and that started me on the road to handling my body with vitamins, minerals and consistent detoxifying.

I wish I looked 30 but I can pass for 20 to 30 years younger than my actual age. I have to work on that!

I advise anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life to get wrapped regularly, at least every 2 months. It is important, not just to detoxify yourself but to ensure that you absorb the minerals your body needs so desperately. It’s inconvenient, it’s hard to fit it into your life but we all need it. The world gets dirtier every year! My birthday cake says ”18 with 62 years of experience!”


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Good skin in a teacup! Miranda Kerr’s secret to glowing skin revealed: Weekly facial steaming with GREEN TEA

Miranda Kerr is known for unique beauty tricks, and the latest insider tip to be revealed involves using green tea.  But while drinking green tea has a multitude of health benefits, the supermodel isn’t consuming it in the traditional way.   In her latest newsletter, she revealed one of her secrets to maintaining healthy, glowing skin is to steam her face with the tea.

Explaining her weekly ‘DIY deep double cleanse facial’ regime, the 32-year-old revealed that the routine involves cleansing once using a regular cleanser and once with an exfoliating cleanser to remove matter from pores.  ‘It’s a pampering ritual I look forward to at the end of each working week,’ she said.  ‘Not only can I relax and unwind…I’m doing something beneficial for my skin that has immediate results so I can go makeup free for the weekend.’  After the double cleanse, Kerr adds a green tea bag to boiling water and steams her face in a DIY steam bath.

‘Fill your basin with a jug of freshly boiled water, add an organic green tea bag to the water, place your head over the basin and cover with a large towel… let the steam envelope your face for a few minutes to open your pores,’ Kerr said.

The benefits of green tea have been well documented, and the use of it in skin care has increased rapidly over the last few years due to its high antioxidant levels and apparent anti-aging benefits.

The benefits of green tea are due to a specific antioxidant compound called EGCG.  Some research and anecdotal evidence shows that EGCG is useful in improving signs of ageing and inflammation.  It is included in skincare products to soothe the skin, manage acne and fight premature ageing.  The antioxidant has also been tested in sunscreens to reduce photo-damage on a cellular level.  By using the tea in boiling water, the antioxidants are shot straight into pores by the steam, detoxifying and hydrating the skin.  The process also plumps the skin, boosts blood flow and removes any leftover dirt from the pores.  Green tea face masks, scrubs, packs, eye compresses and bath soaks are also popular products that make use of the tea’s natural benefits.

More recent trends include the making of green tea ice cubes for use as a toner and the use of popular matcha tea in products.

Speaking on the Kyle & Jackie O Show last month, Kerr discussed how she stays fit and healthy relying on unusual drinks and bizarre tools.  ‘When I was studying nutrition, I learned about dandelion and the cleansing and detox effects that it has,’ the former Victoria’s Secret Angel said.  ‘I decided to drink dandelion as opposed to coffee as it actually tastes quite similar.   ‘I have goats milk because you absorb the calcium from goat’s milk much easier than regular [cow’s] milk.  ‘And as for the maple syrup, I just heard that you can’t heat honey, so I’m using maple syrup instead of honey [to sweeten it].’   Kerr also discussed some of the tools she relies on to keep her body feeling good.  The first was a Japanese ‘Spoonk mat’, which she said she learned of through her neighbour.

Based on Shiatsu massage and acupressure techniques, a Spoonk stimulates pressure points with sharp spikes.  ‘A Spoonk mat is a simple mat that you can buy on Amazon,’ Miranda explained.  ‘You lie on it and it hits all of your pressure points and it makes me feel good if I’ve been on a flight and feeling a little jet lagged.  ‘It energises the body through these little accupressure points – it’s quite spiky though!’  ‘Sometimes if I’m driving I put it on my seat and sit on it,’ she added.  ‘My friend also told me about an upside down machine. One of my favourite things to do is be upside down, it stretches out your spine.’






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The older we get, the less collagen we produce. The lack of collagen production is very evident in our face, particularly on our lips. The advent of different fillers have provided solutions to the wrinkles, and deep, fine lines around the lips, as well as restore the lips plumpness. But if administered by an inexperienced Physician, the result can be laughable. Ever heard of duck lips?
Well, “duck lips” is a thing of the past, thanks to the latest addition to the Restylane family of products.

It’s called Restylane Silk, a hyaluronic acid filler that is a smoother, silkier version of its successful predecessors. Restylane Silk, specifically formulated to enhance the lips, gives a more natural looking improvement and enhancement to your pout. The smaller-particles hyaluronic gel corrects smoker lines, volume loss, fine lines and wrinkles…as if it happened naturally.

“We are very excited to introduce Restylane Silk to our clients in the Valley,” said Jeannie Fabre, spa director of Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa in Phoenix. “Clients can be confident that they will get an improved appearance of their lips, and won’t have to worry about the ‘duck lips’ syndrome.”

lip injection in phoenix, lip injection in scottsdale az

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 13, 2014, the product’s smaller and smoother particles allows practitioners to use ultrafine needles when administering. A little Lidocaine numbing is added into the filler itself to make the filler placement comfortable. This combo makes the procedure quite comfortable and significantly lessen bruising. The procedure itself, depending on the amount of wrinkles to be improved, takes approximately 15-30 minutes to perform with skilled hands. And the results are obvious almost instantly!

“A Restylane Silk treatment will last about 6 months, which is more than the usual 3-4 months,” said Fabre. “But we predict that the women will be so satisfied and pleased with the results that they will probably come back for another round before that.”

Now can this new wonder filler be used to enhance other parts of the face? Restylane Silk was specifically designed to correct the wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and lips. However, the makers of the product say that because of its small particle size, it also maybe ideal for filling volume loss in the upper eyelid and eyebrows.

To learn more about Restylane Silk or to schedule FREE consultation, please call 602-952-8446 or email her at info@suddenlyslimmer.com. For more information on the latest beauty treatments, Like us on Facebook
http://www.facebook.com/suddenlyslimmer; and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily beauty tips and specials
http://www.twitter.com/suddenlyslimmer, https://instagram.com/suddenlyslimmer.

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EVENT: Full Face & Neck Rejuvenation. 10 FREE Units Of Botox

EVENT: Full Face & Neck Rejuvenation. 10 FREE Units Of Botox

Date: 10/08/15.

Time: 9AM to 6PM

Location:  Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa!

RSVP: 602-952-8446, space is limited and it’s going fast, 1st 10 to register will receive an exclusive goody bag.

Dr. Jeffers will explain how the new Dermal Filler, Voluma, works to rejuvenate, add volume to the skin and last up to two years. Medical Laser Technician, Dannielli, will provide demo on the latest radio frequency treatment to help lift, firm and tighten the neck area.

VOLUMA® XC is the first FDA-approved injectable gel to instantly add volume to your cheek area to correct age-related volume loss in adults over the age of 21. It can provide contour and a subtle lift to the face that can last up to two years with optimal treatment.

During the event you will be able to take advantage of the following exclusive specials: Voluma-Buy 1, Get 1 Half OFF, plus get 10 FREE Units Of Botox! Juvederm Ultra XC-Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!
No More Turkey Neck Package: Receive 3 Pixel RF & 3 IPL treatments all for only $1400 ($3,000 Value). Tighten up that neck just in time for the holidays.
Enjoy drinks, orderves. plus exclusive giveaways during the event! Come enjoy the holidays with us!
source: http://www.suddenlyslimmer.com
Below is a photo of Dannielli after having Voluma done on her cheeks!

Dannielli After Voluma Treatment

Dannielli After Voluma Treatment

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How Much Does Botox Cost?

I am going to get a Botox injection for frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. What is the best price for Botox or average cost?

botox-in-phoenix-scottsdale-azOffices typically charge for Botox in two ways – either by “area” or by “unit.”

It is our feeling that charging by “area” leads to fraud since the office can dilute the Botox by whatever ratio they want and the patient never actually knows how much Botox they have received.

There is also the possibility of cross-contamination between patients since the office is using the vial over and over again for several patients. The alternative way of charging for Botox is by the “unit.”

At Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa, we charge by unit because we want our patients to know exactly how many units was used. Allergan just started supplying 50 Unit vials of Botox, this is the average amount of Botox for a typical patient. 50 Units will cover the crow’s feet (2.5 units each), the glabella (25 units) and the forehead (20 units).

This amount of Botox allows for significant reduction in wrinkles but allows you to maintain facial animation.

Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa has earned a “Black Diamond” certification from Allergan, the maker’s of Botox®. It’s awarded to leaders in the medical aesthetics field, and demonstrates a commitment to the highest level of patient care. Less than 1% of all medical aesthetic practices ever reach this status.

Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa
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With Super Bowl fever sweeping Phoenix, Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa is gearing up its spa treatments to prepare football fans attending lavish football parties or attending the big game itself.


Before the big game, our beauty experts recommend:

• Super Bowl Weekend is full beautiful events, beautiful people and of course beautiful YOU! Have your makeup done professionally by our licensed makeup artists, they can create Super Bowl themed makeup or makeup to show which team you’re rooting for Patriots or the Seahawks!

• The Express Microdermabrasion followed by a Moisturizing Facial for dry skin – walk into that football party glowing. The microdermabrasion treatment is quick and has minimal downtime. Especially for guests coming from the cold parts of the country, it rids of the dead, dull skin cells and lets new skin shine. The moisturizing facial helps Super Bowl guests deal with the dry desert air. Using rich, hydrating products will help facial skin adjust to the Valley’s dry weather, and keeping the skin glowing through all the fun parties!

Shirodhara treatment with a Seaweed Body Wrap – what better way to revitalize than an invigorating Shirodhara treatment that releases tension and restores balance and energy, which any fan will need to cheer on their home team. A Seaweed Body Wrap covers the whole body in a moisturizing seaweed mask and then the body is wrapped in algae minerals and enzymes that helps the detoxifications and exfoliation process for the skin. It improves the skin elasticity, plus it is also another energy booster that will assist with those late night entertainment.

Men’s Fitness Facial followed by an eyebrow waxing – you cannot escape the manscape, especially during this important sporting event. Gents, you could be hobnobbing with VIPs at an exclusive Super Bowl party, so you have to look your best. The Fitness Facial can give your skin a good exfoliation and restore the moisture in your skin, giving you that healthy athletic glow. And the eyebrows, well…you just need to groom them, and our waxing experts can tame even the unruliest of all!
And after the game, win or lose, Super Bowl fans will need to recover from all the fun and frolic before and during the big game. Suddenly Slimmer offers treatments to help you recover from all the late-night partying, hearty foods, enticing cocktails and heart stopping excitement of the game:

Vitaglow, Vitamin Therapy – late-night partying, indulgent foods and cocktails and the Valley’s dry weather can do a number on your skin even after just a few days. The skin experts at Suddenly Slimmer suggest Vitaglow Therapy, where vitamins are injected into the skin directly…not ingested. A combination of vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid are injected using a tiny needle into the skin in several places, delivering the benefits of vitamins immediately. The results become pretty obvious after a treatment. You will look fully rested and your skin looks supple and healthy!

Slimming Body Wrap – Buffalo wings, cocktails, beer, steaks, fries, pizza, chips, oh my! The week leading to the Super Bowl can easily gain you the poundage you have been avoiding. The Slimming Body Wrap can help you lose the inches you gained, as well as minimize the appearance of cellulite in the skin…like partying hard never happened!

• Deep Tissue Massage and Juvederm filler – Nothing like a Deep Tissue Massage to release the tension you felt throughout the game and bring back balance into the body. This massage will relax you and will help release the toxins from the body accumulated throughout the week. If your smile has turned into frown lines because of the game’s outcome, there’s always Juvederm filler to bring back volume to sagging skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and skin will look radiant and supple.

For more information about some of Suddenly Slimmer’s Super Bowl-centric treatments, please call us  602-952-8446.  Follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/SuddenlySlimmer for more specials.

Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa is located at 3313 E. Indian School Rd. in Phoenix. The spa is over 12,000 sq ft of pure luxury pampering and has been one of the premier med spa, day spa, weight loss, laser and wellness centers in the Valley since opening its doors in 1988. Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa offers the latest beauty, wellness, laser and weight loss treatments and incorporates traditional western medicine, Oriental medicine, Ayurveda therapies and homeopathy in their spa treatments. Their spa treatment experts are trained in Western, European, and Eastern aesthetics. Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa is proud to be one of the first day spas in the valley to offer wellness treatment such as acupuncture, meditation relaxation techniques, body balance therapy, and Chinese medicine. At Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa the goal is to bring harmony and beauty between the mind, the body and the spirit. When the mind, body and spirit are in true balance and harmony then relaxation, beauty and peace is possible.

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Acne Scars

Acne Scars Laser Skin Resurfacing

Puberty and your teenage years should not scar you for life.  Heck even your adult life, should not scar you for life either. And by “scar,” we mean those annoying acne scars that plagued your awkward years. You’re grown up now, and you need to rid your skin of these scars.

Over the counter skin medication may help, but truthfully, the results may not exactly be what you are hoping for. You need something more effective that will present immediate positive results. Thank goodness for the advancement in laser technology!

The new lasers in the market are so innovative, effective and versatile, that the pock marks on your skin that haunt you day in, day out may be a thing of the past. Laser skin resurfacing has been quite commonplace in the beauty industry that there really is no reason to be nervous or skeptical of what could be the results.

Depending on how deep the pock marks are, laser technology can truly make a difference on the appearance (or disappearance) of the “ice pick” crevices caused by acne, among other things. Pixel Fractional Laser Resurfacing treatment, offered by Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Phoenix, is the latest in laser technology that delivers laser treatments fractionally, meaning its technology divides one laser beam into multiple beams in a definite square pattern. Depending on the severity of the pock marks, the fractional laser can be adjusted to correct the problem. The treatment itself probably lasts up to 30 minutes. So a quick trip to the med spa during your lunch break is all the time commitment you really need. But just know that your skin may look a little raw or “sunburned” after the treatment. That will improve fairly quickly.

The results, however, can be obvious immediately, even with that sunburn feeling. Acne scars are visibly reduced and a touch-up after 6 months will help maintain the skin’s smoothness.  So let’s leave our awkward puberty and teenage behind, and get ready for smoother, clearer skin.

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Body Detox Water

Adding lemons or limes to your water can help you tremendously with detoxifying. If you’re looking for a deeper detox, call our clinic at (602) 952-8446 to get more information about Glutathione. Glutathione is produced naturally in our bodies. It is important to stay healthy and prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, and more. Having a poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, aging, infections, all deplete glutathione. This is why we offer glutathione packages for your convenience.

Body Detox Water

Body Detox Water

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