SCULPTRA – The Collagen Replace Filler!

Sculptra helps to replace the lost Collagen – One of the biggest factors that affects your appearance as you get older is the loss of collagen. As you’ve probably heard about collagen before and few people realize what an important role collagen plays in how your skin looks. Collagen is a chemical compound that makes your skin firmer and increases the elasticity of your skin with its ability to bounce back after being pulled. As you age, collagen production slows down, and this plays a crucial role in the development of wrinkles and sagging skin. One of the solutions that have been used to turn back the proverbial hands of time is dermal fillers, which are injected directly into the problem areas. One such dermal filler is Sculptra Aesthetic, but it’s a little different from most of the other dermal fillers out there. Sculptra procedures actually work to replace the lost collagen in your body. The Sculptra procedure is relatively simple, and its results can last for up to two years.

Sculptra is one of the longest lasting injectables for facial rejuvenation. It has an FDA approval of two years, but will probably last up to three years because of the new collagen that has formed. However, the face will continue to age and collagen will continue to break down. Most people have a series of treatments initially to achieve optimal results with maintenance touch ups every 1-2 years.
Collagen is a key structural component that keeps skin youthful looking and smooth. As you age, your body’s collagen production decreases, and you may begin to see wrinkles. Sculptra Aesthetic works to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds, as it replaces lost collagen, which can help provide a refined, more youthful looking appearance.

Sculptra Aesthetic works to replace lost collagen in a series of treatments administered by a Sculptra Aesthetic trained physician. On average, three injection sessions are needed over a period of a few months. The number of injection sessions and the number of injections per session vary from person to person. Within the deep dermis, your skin’s structure is reinforced as Sculptra Aesthetic helps to replace lost collagen. This reinforced collagen structure provides a foundation that gradually restores the look of fullness of your shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds* that has been depleted over time. Sculptra Aesthetic is different because it gradually and subtly corrects these facial wrinkles. This can provide a refined, more youthful looking appearance that can last more than two years. Safety and effectiveness of Sculptra Aesthetic have not been evaluated in areas other than nasolabial wrinkles and folds in clinical trials. **Individual results and treatment sessions may vary.

Where In The Face Is Sculptra Used?
Sculptra Aesthetic is used to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds which are treated with the appropriate injection technique.
Sculptra Aesthetic is suitable for:
Deep folds between the nose and the mouth (nasolabial folds) also called smile lines
The lines framing your mouth (marionette lines) Chin wrinkles.

What Is Sculptra Made of:
Sculptra Aesthetic is a new type of facial injectable made from poly-L-lactic acid, which helps to replace lost collagen. It helps correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles, and folds, that appear with aging by replacing lost collagen. The main ingredient is a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic material that has been used by physicians for decades.

How Sculptra Works:
Unlike many dermal fillers, Sculptra’s effects take a longer time to appear, because the aim behind the procedure is to stimulate the natural collagen production in the body. During the session, this dermal filler is injected into the specific sites that show wrinkles or skin depressions. After the injection, the chemical compounds present in Sculptra are slowly absorbed into the body and begin to stimulate collagen formation around the injection site, thus causing the lower skin layers to repair themselves. It’s important to remember that, unlike many other wrinkle fillers, the Sculptra Aesthetic product gradually improves the affected area. The entire process can actually take several weeks.

Who is the Best Candidate for Sculptra:
Sculptra is a relatively new product that does not have the benefit of decades of widespread use, as is the case with some of the other dermal fillers. There have been some clinical studies, but Sculptra has only been approved for uses in specific areas of the face. It is very important to keep in mind that as of the date of the writing of this article, Sculptra has not been approved for lip injections or for use around the eyes. This product is currently being used only to treat wrinkles in the nasolabial region of the face. That’s the part between your nose and your lips. Sculptra has also been used to address chin wrinkles. However, if you’ve been thinking about using Sculptra to get rid of those crow’s feet, you’re out of luck, for now.

The Sculptra Procedure:
During the procedure your doctor will use a water soluble pencil to outline a grid that is perpendicular and parallel to the nasolabial fold. This helps the doctor properly assess where the injections should go for maximum effect. Again, this procedure shows effects gradually, as the body begins to absorb the material and produce collagen, so proper targeting of the injections is essential.
Massage is a vital part of the process. No, you’re not going to get an actual spa massage while getting the treatment! Instead what this means is that the doctor will massage the injection sites after each series of three to four injections. This helps distribute the product more evenly underneath the skin to allow for better absorption into the deeper skin layers. An important two minute massage also takes place after the injection session, and is done with a facial moisturizer. Patients are advised to massage the area that was treated for five minutes as well after the procedure is complete. This should be done about five times each day for a period of five days after treatment.

After the Procedure:
When the Sculptra procedure is complete, there may be initial redness or swelling. It’s important to prevent the treatment area from being exposed heavily to UV lamps or the sun. So going to the beach or the tanning salon is out of the question.
Also, keep in mind that because of how Sculptra works, the wrinkles and facial depressions can actually reappear shortly after the procedure. This is because Sculptra Aesthetic fills wrinkles with small beads of PLLA, which is the substance that eventually leads to collagen production. As part of the process, the beads biodegrade into the body to stimulate collagen, but this will also cause the wrinkles to temporarily come back until the body has produced more collagen.

Our physician is the #1 provider of Sculptra procedure in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ! In business since 1988. Sculptra Aesthetic is a newer facial injectable treatment that stimulates new collagen formation gradually over weeks to months. Unlike a traditional facial filler, Sculptra Aesthetic improves volume and contour by stimulating the body’s own collagen. By using advanced injection techniques, Sculptra can lift, reshape the face, create volume and also improve the tone and texture of the skin (as in the liquid facelift). This makes it a versatile product for full facial rejuvenation. Since Sculptra Aesthetic requires special preparation and a very advanced injection technique, the best Sculptra doctors are those who have extensive experience injecting the product. Dr. Jeffers is a top Sculptra injector in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. Because Sculptra is not a facial filler, Dr. Jeffers injects in many different areas in the face for a very natural appearance. When used in this fashion, you will not get that puffy look that has become associated with too much facial filler.
More info at: or call 602-952-8446

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Should I shave before the Laser Hair Removal treatment?
Shaving the day before or just prior to Laser Hair Removal treatment is recommended and you may shave again twenty-four hours after treatment unless your laser technician tells you otherwise.

Is Laser Hair Removal treatments safe?
Laser hair removal from Suddenly Slimmer Spa in Phoenix is the most popular aesthetic procedure performed annually. Hair removal is one of the aesthetic medical industry’s most well-known and researched uses of lasers and the Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ treatment has provided safe and effective hair reduction for thousands of patients worldwide. Because Pain-Free, Hair-Free Laser Hair Removal system utilizes our IN-MOTION™ and low-heat settings we’re able to provide a level of safety unlike any other laser hair removal procedure.

How many Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need?
Typically, 4 to 8 treatments is adequate amount of treatment to kill active hair follicles so it can no longer produce hair. However, after a one-on-one consultation, your provider may determine that based on the density of your hair, hair color and skin color, you may require additional treatment. Your provider will advise you. It’s not unusual to require a touch-up treatment two years after completing laser hair removal treatments.

Will my hair ever grow back?
Actively growing hairs that are treated by Laser Hair Removal should not grow back. Once a hair follicle is damaged it cannot grow hair. However, hair follicles that were not in the active growth phase will need to be treated. It’s also not unusual for patients to have a touch-up two years after initial treatment due to hormonal changes.

Why does it take more than one Laser Hair Removal treatment to destroy hair follicle so it no longer produce hair?
Hair growth occurs in 4 stages: Early Anagen (early hair growth), Anagen (active hair growth) Catagen (regression) Telogen (resting, not growing) Laser hair removal only affects the Anagen stage, (actively growing hair). Therefore, approximately twenty-five-percent of hair is removed with each treatment. Typically, after 4 to 8 treatments, the area should be free from hair.

Do I need to arrange time off from work for Laser Hair Removal treatments?
No. Suddenly Slimmer’s Laser Hair Removal system has no “down time” and requires no recovery time. You can have a Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ treatment and return to work, school or other normal activities immediately.

The principle of lasers is based on light absorption. In the same way that a black car will become hotter than a white car, because it is absorbing more of the sun’s rays, darker hair will absorb certain wavelengths more effectively than lighter (white, blonde, grey). This process is called photothermolysis. In Laser Hair Removal, the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) and transmitted down the shaft, disrupting the growth mechanism when it reaches the root. The light energy is transformed to heat energy and the follicle is heated to a critical temperature at which point it is cauterised. The laser disrupts hairs that are principally in the active growth (anagen) phase at the time of treatment. The laser is pulsed, or switched on, for a fraction of a second. The length of each pulse is just long enough for the follicle to be disrupted. The lasers each have a specially designed cooling system to help protect the skin and to promote procedural comfort.

What to Expect?

The length of a session may be a few minutes up to an hour or more, depending upon the size of the area being treated. A course of treatments are recommended for optimal results. An average course of treatment is usually 6 to 8 sessions; however this all depends upon a number of factors, including the hair’s ability to absorb the light. As, hair grows in three different phases, treatment tends to be more successful in the anagen phase of the cycle.

This is the active growth phase. The laser treatment itself can cause some minor discomfort. Most clients tolerate the procedure with minimal discomfort, but for those with a low pain threshold, a topical anaesthetic is always available. The appearance of the treated area immediately after a session does vary from one person to another. The after-effects are usually minor, and may include some redness. Most people are able to return immediately to normal activity.

Is the treatment permanent?

Many of us have experienced the frustration that comes with unwanted growth. While have solutions like waxing, plucking and shaving, they all have certain things in common: they’re messy, time consuming and a major hassle. Most of all, these methods are purely temporary. Fortunately, laser treatment provides a permanent solution for a range of areas. We can provide fantastic results for facial, full body and Brazilian options, obtaining permanent reductions in growth.

This is achieved through a series of sessions that target specific areas of growth and eliminate the follicles. The general principle is that between four and eight treatment sessions can eliminate 90% of growth permanently.

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Lip Augmentation



Whether you’ve lost volume in your lips as you age or desire fuller lips for a more proportional face, here the steps that you can do to achieve a full Lip Augmentation:

  • Lip augmentation creates fuller, plumper lips and reduces fine wrinkles around the mouth. Full, luscious lips have always been sought after, regardless of age. The procedure aims to enhance the volume and shape of your lips. Lip augmentation doesn’t just affect your pout — fuller lips can also help to reduce the noticeability of small wrinkles around the mouth too.
  • While lip augmentation can change the shape of your lips somewhat, it will not likely take you from very thin, straight lips to an extremely full cupid’s bow. Also, most lip augmentation procedures are temporary, lasting anywhere from six months to several years. This means if you’re happy with your results you can be prepared to make return visits to your Med Spa doctor to maintain your desired look. Lip augmentation can improve your lips’ appearance by making slight alterations in shape, structure and volume. For example, if you have a thin upper lip and a full bottom lip, your Med Spa doctor to be able to enhance your top lip such that your lips appear more proportional.
  • Newest Revolutionary Filler: Juvederm Volbella is a revolutionary NEW Lip Filler from Allergan, the makers of BOTOX® , Juvederm Ultra and Voluma  that can last for up to 12 months for the mid-face and has much lower downtime than other lip fillers! Made from Hyaluronic Acid using patented Vycross™ technology, Volbella is designed to be soft, smooth, long lasting and have a greater lift capacity than many other lip fillers on the market.
  • In addition its unique technology Juverderm Volbella last longer than other dermal and lip fillers allowing it to absorb less water and therefore reduce the amount of swelling that can occur in the lips compared to traditional dermal and lip fillers such as Restylane. After the injection, the lips often become a little swollen. This means that the result immediately after the treatment may not be the final result. The swelling typically resolves spontaneously within a couple of days. To achieve the result you want, it is recommended to have a touch-up treatment 8 months after the initial session. This will also add to the duration of the treatment effect. Lips are an important part of facial beauty. For many people, fuller and more sensuous lips come high on their wish list. These can be created using Dermal Filler. A simple, safe, now with the 12 months dermal filler treatment Volbella can add volume and definition which can enhance small, thin lips. The procedure can also balance out asymmetric lips or reduce the appearance of those fine, vertical lines. Volbella Virtually PainFree Lip Filler – This latest innovation also has built in painkilling lidocaine anaesthetic to make the injection procedure as painfree for the patient as possible. Juvederm Volbella can be injected using super thin needles or micro-cannulas reducing the risks of bruising and hence downtime. Study results showed that Volbella provides an aesthetic treatment for the lips that offers benefits to both the patient and physician. With long-lasting duration and ease of injection and along with a good safety profile, Volbella delivers a smooth, natural-looking result, which is important when treating the lips and perioral – mouth area.
  • The procedure:  Dermal filler is injected at precise locations into your skin. The doctor will then massage to smooth the product. During the procedure, you are fully awake. You will be given a mirror to hold to enable you to see the results as the doctor completes the treatment.
  • Post treatment: You should avoid touching or applying make-up on the treated area for 6 hours in order to prevent infection. Specific post treatment instructions will be given to you on the day of your treatment by the doctor. The results are immediate and last up to 12 months. As the results are relatively adjustments can be made as your face changes over time and you will always retain a natural look.
  • Not everyone may be a candidate for undergoing lip augmentation procedures. Some examples of patients who may not benefit or who A history of conditions that may affect the lip augmentation’s success, including diabetes, lupus, connective disorders or blood clotting disorders. For women considering a dermal filler treatment in their lips, a good quality consultation with a qualified medical aesthetic practitioner, using a high quality product, can help them to achieve an enhanced, natural-looking smile. A clinical study showed that JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® with Lidocaine is well tolerated and has been demonstrated to provide a smooth and natural improvement in lip fullness that lasts for up to one year[1]. In addition, the treatment is associated with high patient satisfaction, with 86% of patients reporting maintained improvement in the look and feel of their lips after 9 months and 57% of patients still reporting maintained improvement after one year.







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Alma Laser – The ClearLift is a State-of-the-Art Skin Resurfacing!

There’s a new laser resurfacing treatment for all those sagging necks on the block. If you feel like your neck skin is suffering a little too much from gravity’s relentless tug, but you are weary of surgical intervention, keep your eyes peeled for a new non-invasive, non-ablative, no-downtime, no-pain procedure: the ClearLift. Developed by medical laser manufacturer and provider Alma Laser, the ClearLift is a state-of-the-art skin resurfacing applicator developed from military technology! The Clearlift is subtly unique from the other lasers in its category- featuring premier speed, efficiency, and comfort for all patients and all skin types. This technology smooths wrinkles, improves fine lines, and diminishes the appearance of vascularity redness and small veins.
ClearLift Lunchtime laser “face lift” grows in popularity. It allows for a virtually pain-free and no hassle treatment that can remove 10 years from your face in under 30 minutes. ClearLift improves fine lines, wrinkles, the appearance of small veins and redness caused by vascularity. It is gentle enough to treat areas that are typically too sensitive to treat with traditional ablative lasers, such as the delicate skin around the eyes, neck, mouth and chest.
Clearlift Laser is effective for practically every concern, including dullness, fine lines, pigmentation, redness, broken blood vessels, uneven skin, and even slight sagging! It immediately clears the complexion, gives an iridescent glow while stimulating long-lasting collagen growth. Dubbed the ‘Lunchtime Face Lift’ it gives results immediately and on a long-term basis. In fact, it has become so famous in America, has been featured on top shows such as Dr Oz, The Doctors, The View, ExtraTV, Hollywood Blend and more! And, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston have enjoyed the amazing results of fractionated laser science.
Clear Lift offers many advantages:
– Fast and Easy to use – Treatments in as little as 20 minutes Virtually
– Painless
– No Downtime Visible
– Improvement in skin appearance in as little as one treatment*

ClearLift Laser Treatment delivers a controlled dermal wound without harming the overlying epidermis so that all stages of healing and skin repair occur under the intact epidermis.
Because ClearLift heats deep beneath the skin (up to 3mm in depth) no numbing is required prior to treatment and all skin healing happens without damaging the outer layer of skin.

So how does it work?
It is a non-ablative fractional laser. It uses gentle heating to stimulate the surrounding tissue and creates tiny thermal zones called pixels, leaving healthy skin between each pixel. This allows for natural collagen stimulation and improved healing from the unaffected areas, leaving you without any downtime!
This procedure painlessly targets the deepest layer of the skin, completely bypassing the top layer so that healing, tightening and rejuvenation can occur from the bottom up. Since it bypasses the upper layers, there is no pain, no redness, no discomfort and no side effects, allowing you to get instant results without the suffering. It can also be used for sensitive areas such as the under eye area for dark circles and fine lines, and even for sagging and wrinkled necks and hands!

For long-lasting results, six sittings, done every three to four weeks are recommended. This allows full collagen stimulation to occur, giving your skin a permanent natural lift. After your sittings are completed, you can get a touch-up once a year as a daily maintenance regime.

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Coolsculpting to remove fat without surgery!

CoolSculpting is becoming more popular on permanent fat cells removal and CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 body contouring procedure; besides it gives you the ability to return to work the same day as the treatment. The licensed professional on CoolSculpting Technology can create an individual plan to target problem areas and focus on forming a natural, contoured shape. The procedure relies on special applicators that look like paddles and have cooling panels. The applicators are applied to your body while you read or watch television in a medical office. Your fat cells are cooled and crystallized during the treatment, so your body can naturally eliminate them. Now, Dual-Sculpting where you can be treated at the same time DualSculpting: FREEZE YOUR FAT IN HALF THE TIME
We are proud to offer patient treatments with two CoolSculpting machines during the same time. Instead of treating the love handles in two hours, both sides of the love handles can now be treated in just one hour. The ability to perform two treatments simultaneously will decrease your treatment time, and it allows for a more flexible schedule. Getting rid of unwanted fat is now even easier, and it can occur in half the time! CoolSculpting with its continue benefits of cryolipolysis, it is becoming a popular alternative to liposuction and other invasive surgical procedures. CoolSculpting helps reduce fat pockets without anesthesia or other drugs. It is an FDA approved treatment and has helped patients get rid of annoying fat deposits.

COOLSCULPTING – The most effective fat freezing technique is giving patients an alternative option to liposuction and is growing in popularity. Vogue reports that CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is the latest trend among people who want to melt away their fat with minimal effort. Now, new research supports the use of CoolSculpting to permanently remove unwanted fat.
A Clinical Research data shows that CoolSculpting can help with body contouring and has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures. This noninvasive treatment relies on cooling technology to target pockets of fat. Unlike liposuction, you do not need anesthesia or a long hospital stay. The entire procedure can usually be performed in one to three hours or less with the latest DualSculpting , but follow-up visits are encouraged, also the results can be permanent if one does not gain more weight that can compromise the removed fat areas by creating A New fat cells for the same area treated.

Research indicates that CoolSculpting is an effective treatment for stubborn fat in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back, double chin, arms and other areas of the body. You may feel numbness or tingling during the procedure, but some patients are able to sleep through it. The benefits of cryolipolysis are that there are no needles or surgical tools, so you do not need a long recovery time.

CoolSculpting relies on the lymphatic drainage system in your body to get rid of the crystallized fat cells. Although most patients see results in a few weeks, it may take several months for others. There have been no serious side effects reported with this procedure, but numbness, swelling and bruising can occur. In addition, it is important to note that the applicators are designed to target fat cells and leave surrounding tissue unharmed.

How does it work?
We are born with a certain amount of fat cells, and that number fluctuates until you hit puberty — after that point, it stays constant. Fat cells can expand due to things like a high-fat diet, caloric intake, and hormones, and this expansion causes weight gain. This procedure fast-fat-cells-busters uses extreme cold decrease the number of fat cells. The fat is then drained through the lymphatic system and eliminated in waste.

Can the fat cells come back?
Once fat cells are killed and flushed out of the body, they cannot grow back. But if you gain weight after the treatment, your remaining fat cells can increase in size. Say, you treat your thighs and if you later put on a few pounds, you’ll redistribute that fat in a more even pattern over your body as opposed to preferentially gaining it in your thighs.

How Safe is it?
There are no long term negative effects of CoolSculpting.  The reason it only damages fat cells is that fat cells will freeze at higher temperature than other tissues. The reason the other tissues such as skin, nerves and blood vessels are not frozen at these same temperatures are that they are water based. The device carefully controls the cooling process so that the temperatures achieved are such that the only the fat will freeze but are above the freezing point of other tissues inside the applicator. CoolSculpting gives a very natural looking reduction without issues of lumpiness nor hanging excess skin.
It is very safe and very effective way to remove that unwanted localized fat cells body areas.

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Why Coolscupting Works in Removing Fat for Good!

CoolSculpting, which works through a process known as Cryoliposis, is a result of the advancements in technology and helps in safe and effective removal of fat cells from targeted area.

In fact, CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical cosmetic treatment that involves controlled cooling to reduce unwanted fat cells that cannot be eliminated through diet and exercise, without damaging the surrounding tissues.

The concept of extreme cold affecting fat cells was noticed by Harvard University scientists in the 1970s. They observed that a group of children who ate popsicles on a frequent basis developed dimples (fat loss) in their cheeks.

This finding was analysed over years by the scientists who studied the process of cryolipolysis that eventually led to the development of the CoolSculpting machine.


CoolSculpting involves the application of a proprietary gel on the targeted area using a control device to freeze and wipe out the fatty cells. The area to be treated is pinched between the two panels of the applicator. The temperature of that area gradually lowers down to an extent that causes the fat cells to crystallize and die.

Later, the dead cells are naturally eliminated from the body. Each session lasts for around an hour and results in approximately 20 percent fat reduction in the treated area.


CoolSculpting is a relatively costly procedure as compared to Liposuction and other invasive treatments. The price of the treatment depends on the number of target areas and the number of treatments required. The procedure costs about 75% less than Liposuction.



Unlike liposuction and gastric bypass surgery, CoolSculpting is a totally non-invasive procedure and does not require any prolonged recovery time. This helps the patient return to his normal daily activities as soon as the procedure is finished.

The process is FDA-approved which means that it has passed various clinical tests and trials by the Food and Drug Administration. The procedure does not involve any medications and drugs thereby reducing the chances of any risk.

Unlike diet and exercise in which the fat cells reduce in size but remain in the body, CoolSculpting removes the dead fat cells permanently from the body.  Not only the procedure is quick but also quite effective. On an average, patients experience about 20 percent fat reduction in the treated areas within 2-3 weeks.

As the treatment destroys the dead cells permanently, the results last for quite a long time.

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Naomi Watts Can’t Decide If She Wants Botox or Not: ‘Sometimes, I Think I Need the Help

Naomi Watts is getting candid about the pressure to look good in Hollywood.


The 47-year-old actress admits in a new interview with NewBeauty magazine that she has definitely considered Botox — and is, in fact, still undecided at times — though she hasn’t ever undergone the treatment.

“Personally, I feel for me it’s tough to do Botox — but it’s also tough not to!” she says. “Sometimes, I think I need the help. Whatever anyone else chooses is fine with me, no judgment.”

But Watts points out that Botox would definitely affect her acting career.

“Of course, I want to look the best I can, but I am playing characters that should match my age, and the women and the material that I am interested in are usually going through something,” she explains. “I have to be able to live in my face and tell the story of the character I’ve taken on. But… I’ll never say never.”

However, Watts is far from vain. The Allegiant star says that despite her glamorous red carpet appearances, she’s “not very good” at actually doing her own hair or makeup. She also admits to having some insecurities when it comes to inheriting her mother’s good looks.

“My mother was not very good at giving beauty tips, but she was — and still is — a striking beauty,” Watts says about her mom, former costume and set designer Myfanwy Edwards. “I was always very aware of her beauty, but I never felt as beautiful as her, or that I could ever be that beautiful.”

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Khloe Kardashian is the face of Kybella, an injectible that banishes ‘double chin’

Khloe Kardashian has gone through quite the transformation over the past six months. Maybe you thought her face might be looking a little different simply due to clever make-up artistry, there is another explanation for why the 31-year-old’s appearance has changed… Because it’s now been revealed that Khloe is the new face of Kybella – an injectable product that promises to eliminate a double chin. According to XOVain, the star is a big fan of Kybella Injection, which works by using deoxycholic acid to destroy fat cells under the chin.

Professor Jeffrey Kenkel, a plastic surgeon familiar with the effects of the drug, said: ‘Kybella is identical to a deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced by the body to absorb fat.

Kybella takes advantage of that fat-destroying activity to help eliminate the fat below the chin.

‘This provides a new option to consider for those who are not ready for a surgical fix, but are looking for an answer as to how to get rid of fat beneath the chin.’

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Botox or Dysport is a quick effective treatment of wrinkles

Botox or Dysport is a quick and extremely effective treatment/ prevention of lines and wrinkles. It also has many other purposes, like fixing a dimpled chin or defining the jaw line. Suddenly Slimmer’s Physician, Dr. Jeffers and Nurse Stacey are trained with the best and latest techniques in the industry and they have 10 years experience as cosmetic injectors!  Call 602-952-8446 or please visit to book your appointment today


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FLASH SALE – Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic System

FLASH SALE – Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic System (3 piece) – Members Receive 20%. None Members Discount 15% off. Special is while supplies last. Come in today to purchase! Designed to target, correct and prevent acne with clinically advanced formulas that purify and clear your skin.

This easy-to-use regimen cleanses skin, refines pores and keeps your complexion hydrated. Salicylic acid penetrates deep into pores, removing impurities such as dead skin cells and excess oil. Cooling menthol soothes inflammation while glycerin and squalane provide lightweight, oil-free moisture. Benzoyl peroxide kills acne-causing bacteria as it dries out breakouts, increasing recovery time after flare-ups and leaving your complexion radiant, even and blemish-free.

Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic System:

Therapeutic Lotion (1.6 fl. oz.)
Daily Care Cream Cleanser (4 fl. oz.)
Pore Therapy (5 fl. oz.)



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