The older we get, the less collagen we produce. The lack of collagen production is very evident in our face, particularly on our lips. The advent of different fillers have provided solutions to the wrinkles, and deep, fine lines around the lips, as well as restore the lips plumpness. But if administered by an inexperienced Physician, the result can be laughable. Ever heard of duck lips?
Well, “duck lips” is a thing of the past, thanks to the latest addition to the Restylane family of products.

It’s called Restylane Silk, a hyaluronic acid filler that is a smoother, silkier version of its successful predecessors. Restylane Silk, specifically formulated to enhance the lips, gives a more natural looking improvement and enhancement to your pout. The smaller-particles hyaluronic gel corrects smoker lines, volume loss, fine lines and wrinkles…as if it happened naturally.

“We are very excited to introduce Restylane Silk to our clients in the Valley,” said Jeannie Fabre, spa director of Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa in Phoenix. “Clients can be confident that they will get an improved appearance of their lips, and won’t have to worry about the ‘duck lips’ syndrome.”

lip injection in phoenix, lip injection in scottsdale az

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 13, 2014, the product’s smaller and smoother particles allows practitioners to use ultrafine needles when administering. A little Lidocaine numbing is added into the filler itself to make the filler placement comfortable. This combo makes the procedure quite comfortable and significantly lessen bruising. The procedure itself, depending on the amount of wrinkles to be improved, takes approximately 15-30 minutes to perform with skilled hands. And the results are obvious almost instantly!

“A Restylane Silk treatment will last about 6 months, which is more than the usual 3-4 months,” said Fabre. “But we predict that the women will be so satisfied and pleased with the results that they will probably come back for another round before that.”

Now can this new wonder filler be used to enhance other parts of the face? Restylane Silk was specifically designed to correct the wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and lips. However, the makers of the product say that because of its small particle size, it also maybe ideal for filling volume loss in the upper eyelid and eyebrows.

To learn more about Restylane Silk or to schedule FREE consultation, please call 602-952-8446 or email her at For more information on the latest beauty treatments, Like us on Facebook; and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily beauty tips and specials,

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EVENT: Full Face & Neck Rejuvenation. 10 FREE Units Of Botox

EVENT: Full Face & Neck Rejuvenation. 10 FREE Units Of Botox

Date: 10/08/15.

Time: 9AM to 6PM

Location:  Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa!

RSVP: 602-952-8446, space is limited and it’s going fast, 1st 10 to register will receive an exclusive goody bag.

Dr. Jeffers will explain how the new Dermal Filler, Voluma, works to rejuvenate, add volume to the skin and last up to two years. Medical Laser Technician, Dannielli, will provide demo on the latest radio frequency treatment to help lift, firm and tighten the neck area.

VOLUMA® XC is the first FDA-approved injectable gel to instantly add volume to your cheek area to correct age-related volume loss in adults over the age of 21. It can provide contour and a subtle lift to the face that can last up to two years with optimal treatment.

During the event you will be able to take advantage of the following exclusive specials: Voluma-Buy 1, Get 1 Half OFF, plus get 10 FREE Units Of Botox! Juvederm Ultra XC-Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!
No More Turkey Neck Package: Receive 3 Pixel RF & 3 IPL treatments all for only $1400 ($3,000 Value). Tighten up that neck just in time for the holidays.
Enjoy drinks, orderves. plus exclusive giveaways during the event! Come enjoy the holidays with us!
Below is a photo of Dannielli after having Voluma done on her cheeks!

Dannielli After Voluma Treatment

Dannielli After Voluma Treatment

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How Much Does Botox Cost?

I am going to get a Botox injection for frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. What is the best price for Botox or average cost?

botox-in-phoenix-scottsdale-azOffices typically charge for Botox in two ways – either by “area” or by “unit.”

It is our feeling that charging by “area” leads to fraud since the office can dilute the Botox by whatever ratio they want and the patient never actually knows how much Botox they have received.

There is also the possibility of cross-contamination between patients since the office is using the vial over and over again for several patients. The alternative way of charging for Botox is by the “unit.”

At Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa, we charge by unit because we want our patients to know exactly how many units was used. Allergan just started supplying 50 Unit vials of Botox, this is the average amount of Botox for a typical patient. 50 Units will cover the crow’s feet (2.5 units each), the glabella (25 units) and the forehead (20 units).

This amount of Botox allows for significant reduction in wrinkles but allows you to maintain facial animation.

Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa has earned a “Black Diamond” certification from Allergan, the maker’s of Botox®. It’s awarded to leaders in the medical aesthetics field, and demonstrates a commitment to the highest level of patient care. Less than 1% of all medical aesthetic practices ever reach this status.

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With Super Bowl fever sweeping Phoenix, Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa is gearing up its spa treatments to prepare football fans attending lavish football parties or attending the big game itself.


Before the big game, our beauty experts recommend:

• Super Bowl Weekend is full beautiful events, beautiful people and of course beautiful YOU! Have your makeup done professionally by our licensed makeup artists, they can create Super Bowl themed makeup or makeup to show which team you’re rooting for Patriots or the Seahawks!

• The Express Microdermabrasion followed by a Moisturizing Facial for dry skin – walk into that football party glowing. The microdermabrasion treatment is quick and has minimal downtime. Especially for guests coming from the cold parts of the country, it rids of the dead, dull skin cells and lets new skin shine. The moisturizing facial helps Super Bowl guests deal with the dry desert air. Using rich, hydrating products will help facial skin adjust to the Valley’s dry weather, and keeping the skin glowing through all the fun parties!

Shirodhara treatment with a Seaweed Body Wrap – what better way to revitalize than an invigorating Shirodhara treatment that releases tension and restores balance and energy, which any fan will need to cheer on their home team. A Seaweed Body Wrap covers the whole body in a moisturizing seaweed mask and then the body is wrapped in algae minerals and enzymes that helps the detoxifications and exfoliation process for the skin. It improves the skin elasticity, plus it is also another energy booster that will assist with those late night entertainment.

Men’s Fitness Facial followed by an eyebrow waxing – you cannot escape the manscape, especially during this important sporting event. Gents, you could be hobnobbing with VIPs at an exclusive Super Bowl party, so you have to look your best. The Fitness Facial can give your skin a good exfoliation and restore the moisture in your skin, giving you that healthy athletic glow. And the eyebrows, well…you just need to groom them, and our waxing experts can tame even the unruliest of all!
And after the game, win or lose, Super Bowl fans will need to recover from all the fun and frolic before and during the big game. Suddenly Slimmer offers treatments to help you recover from all the late-night partying, hearty foods, enticing cocktails and heart stopping excitement of the game:

Vitaglow, Vitamin Therapy – late-night partying, indulgent foods and cocktails and the Valley’s dry weather can do a number on your skin even after just a few days. The skin experts at Suddenly Slimmer suggest Vitaglow Therapy, where vitamins are injected into the skin directly…not ingested. A combination of vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid are injected using a tiny needle into the skin in several places, delivering the benefits of vitamins immediately. The results become pretty obvious after a treatment. You will look fully rested and your skin looks supple and healthy!

Slimming Body Wrap – Buffalo wings, cocktails, beer, steaks, fries, pizza, chips, oh my! The week leading to the Super Bowl can easily gain you the poundage you have been avoiding. The Slimming Body Wrap can help you lose the inches you gained, as well as minimize the appearance of cellulite in the skin…like partying hard never happened!

• Deep Tissue Massage and Juvederm filler – Nothing like a Deep Tissue Massage to release the tension you felt throughout the game and bring back balance into the body. This massage will relax you and will help release the toxins from the body accumulated throughout the week. If your smile has turned into frown lines because of the game’s outcome, there’s always Juvederm filler to bring back volume to sagging skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and skin will look radiant and supple.

For more information about some of Suddenly Slimmer’s Super Bowl-centric treatments, please call us  602-952-8446.  Follow us on Facebook at for more specials.

Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa is located at 3313 E. Indian School Rd. in Phoenix. The spa is over 12,000 sq ft of pure luxury pampering and has been one of the premier med spa, day spa, weight loss, laser and wellness centers in the Valley since opening its doors in 1988. Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa offers the latest beauty, wellness, laser and weight loss treatments and incorporates traditional western medicine, Oriental medicine, Ayurveda therapies and homeopathy in their spa treatments. Their spa treatment experts are trained in Western, European, and Eastern aesthetics. Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa is proud to be one of the first day spas in the valley to offer wellness treatment such as acupuncture, meditation relaxation techniques, body balance therapy, and Chinese medicine. At Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa the goal is to bring harmony and beauty between the mind, the body and the spirit. When the mind, body and spirit are in true balance and harmony then relaxation, beauty and peace is possible.

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Acne Scars

Acne Scars Laser Skin Resurfacing

Puberty and your teenage years should not scar you for life.  Heck even your adult life, should not scar you for life either. And by “scar,” we mean those annoying acne scars that plagued your awkward years. You’re grown up now, and you need to rid your skin of these scars.

Over the counter skin medication may help, but truthfully, the results may not exactly be what you are hoping for. You need something more effective that will present immediate positive results. Thank goodness for the advancement in laser technology!

The new lasers in the market are so innovative, effective and versatile, that the pock marks on your skin that haunt you day in, day out may be a thing of the past. Laser skin resurfacing has been quite commonplace in the beauty industry that there really is no reason to be nervous or skeptical of what could be the results.

Depending on how deep the pock marks are, laser technology can truly make a difference on the appearance (or disappearance) of the “ice pick” crevices caused by acne, among other things. Pixel Fractional Laser Resurfacing treatment, offered by Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Phoenix, is the latest in laser technology that delivers laser treatments fractionally, meaning its technology divides one laser beam into multiple beams in a definite square pattern. Depending on the severity of the pock marks, the fractional laser can be adjusted to correct the problem. The treatment itself probably lasts up to 30 minutes. So a quick trip to the med spa during your lunch break is all the time commitment you really need. But just know that your skin may look a little raw or “sunburned” after the treatment. That will improve fairly quickly.

The results, however, can be obvious immediately, even with that sunburn feeling. Acne scars are visibly reduced and a touch-up after 6 months will help maintain the skin’s smoothness.  So let’s leave our awkward puberty and teenage behind, and get ready for smoother, clearer skin.

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Body Detox Water

Adding lemons or limes to your water can help you tremendously with detoxifying. If you’re looking for a deeper detox, call our clinic at (602) 952-8446 to get more information about Glutathione. Glutathione is produced naturally in our bodies. It is important to stay healthy and prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, and more. Having a poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, aging, infections, all deplete glutathione. This is why we offer glutathione packages for your convenience.

Body Detox Water

Body Detox Water

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Iggy Azalea Getting Her A$AP Rocky Tattoo Removed

Celebrity Beauty Gossip: Iggy Azalea has had enough of her “A$AP Rocky” tattoo and is getting Laser Tattoo Removal treatment in order to get it removed.

Iggy Azalea is having Laser Tattoo Removal treatment to remove ex-boyfriend's name

Iggy Azalea is having Laser Tattoo Removal treatment to remove ex-boyfriend’s name

The Australian rapper finally decided to get her ex-boyfriend’s name off her finger once and for all as she visited Laser Tattoo Removal studio on Tuesday. Braving the rain as she exited from the tattoo removal center, Azalea was spotted leaving the the building with a bandage in the place where her old A$AP ink used to be.


Are you one of the thousands living with bad tattoos or are you just tired of your tattoo? Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa Laser tattoo removal is the most effective, non-invasive method of safe tattoo removal available in Scottsdale & Phoenix AZ.

Please call 602-952-8446 for a complimentary tattoo removal consultation.

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Tattoos – fabulous one day, funny the next

Tattoos – “What looks cool or sexy when you are young, can look downright hilarious once your body begins the ageing process,” says Dannielli.

Tattoos ... what may look cutting-edge on a 20-something, takes on a very different incarnation on a 60- year-old.

Tattoos … what may look cutting-edge on a 20-something, takes on a very different incarnation on a 60- year-old.

Indeed. Take tattoos, a body art traditionally for the young, cool and hip. “In wartime, young men were tattooed, especially sailors,” says Dannielli*, a leading Perth skin specialist. “Now it is a beauty trend for everyday young men and women, and we are seeing an increasing number of them inking their faces, necks, decolletages and limbs,” she says.

What may look cutting-edge on a 20-something, takes on a very different incarnation on a 60-year-old. “Think of young skin as a tight, blank canvas,” Katherine says. “As we get older, spots, pigmentation and wrinkles begin to appear. Most importantly our skin loses its elasticity.

“Our bones begin to degenerate and our bodies get smaller. As we shrink, our skin drops and sits loosely around our frame.” As a result, you could find one day, that the pretty full-blown butterfly that once adorned your decolletage, has landed on your stomach.

Thank god for the invention of Laser Tattoo Removal, now you don’t have to live with wrinkled, outdated and unflattering tattoo.


Are you one of the thousands living with bad tattoos or are you just tired of your tattoo? Suddenly Slimmer Spa Laser Tattoo Removal is the most effective, non-invasive method of safe tattoo removal available in Scottsdale & Phoenix AZ.

Please call 602-952-8446 for a complimentary tattoo removal consultation.

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VitaGlow, Vitamin Facial Injection – offers users a youthful glow

NEW! VitaGlow, also known as mesotherarpy

VitaGlow Before & After

VitaGlow Before & After

Botox has been the ‘go-to’ injection to keep faces from aging, but a new shot is for those looking for a more natural approach.

Vitamins are no longer just to be ingested, now they’re being injected for cosmetic purposes.

This treatment is inspired by what many women have been doing in France since the 1950′s. But the doctor doing it here has a modern approach that she customizes for each patient.

And yes, you get a healthy dose of vitamins and more.

“What’s being infused is a combination of vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyluranic acid,” said Dannielli Marcelino, Director of Esthetics at Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa

By infused, she means injected, but ever so lightly. A tiny needle barely penetrates the skin, but it does get to what’s known as the middle or meso layer. The French call this practice mesotherarpy.

“The whole premise is to take advantage of the middle layer of the skin where circulation is existent but somewhat sluggish, as opposed to really brisk. Because imagine if you inject this deeply or directly into a vein, it doesn’t stay where you inject it,” said Dannielli.

But this solution will linger longer in the meso layer. The vitamins, including B, C and E, plus copper zinc and magnesium, nourish the anti-oxidants and help reduce inflammation.

The hyluranic acid helps offer a plump dewyness, and those microdroplets help stimulate collagen.

“Classically the French perform Vitaglow every week, but for busy, time-starved Arizona city women, the protocol is such that you have one session every two weeks and basically only three to five sessions depending on your skin type, your needs, and your time,” said Dannielli Marcelino.

A cooling facial mask helps to lock in the Vitaglow. Best not to wear makeup for 8 hours.

“Vitaglow doesn’t get rid of dynamic wrinkles the way Botox does, but for those people who are very happy with their expression lines and don’t want to change much about that, Vitaglow is a great alternative,” said Dannielli.

You can do a single round and Dannielli says you’ll see immediate results, but several treatments will do even more good.

NEW! VitaGlow, also known as mesotherarpy – takes 30 minutes, cost is $299, this treatment is performed only by physician.

To schedule a VitaGlow Facial treatment please call 602-952-8446

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Sugar and Its Harmful Effects on Your Skin

weight-loss-in-phoenix-scottsdale-arizonaIndulging in fistfuls of colourful candy can make you feel like a kid, but there is nothing youthful about sugar’s effect on your skin. Eating sugary foods causes a cascade of damaging reactions that can make your skin age faster.

Sugar Makes Us Happy

The euphoric grin and that satisfied moan that slips out when we eat sweet food is a clear sign that sugar makes us feel good. Sugar stimulates the release of happy hormones in the brain. Foods with high amounts of simple sugar in them elicit a fast release of these happy hormones. Such foods include candy, sugary coffee drinks, muffins, condiments, white bread, crackers and some breakfast cereals. The ‘sugar high’ we experience from these foods makes us feel happy, but it also damages our skin.

Sugar AGEs the Skin

High sugar levels in the skin cause a process called glycation. You can think of glycation as the process of tying knots with the scaffolding (collagen and elastin) of the skin. Sugar in the skin causes the amino acids in collagen and elastin to cross-link. By linking to each other, elastin and collagen loose their ability to stretch and recoil. Scientists thought they were witty when they called these knots advanced glycation end products (AGEs) since the knots cause the skin to look less youthful. To avoid this ‘AGE-ing’ of your skin don’t eat sugary treats.

Your Weakest Moment

Afternoon cravings are more common than not. In fact, according to researchers most people are likely to give into a sugary craving like cookies, sugary coffee-drinks and muffins around 4:12 P.M. Dr. Shulman, national best-selling author of nutrition-related books, says don’t give in! Instead, reach for “fiber, fat and protein to help fill you up and end a craving…good options include frozen berries or mango, a hard-boiled egg, walnuts or almonds.”

Squash Your Craving

Succumbing to sugary cravings does not only age your skin, it will “result in extra weight gain around the belly region, fatigue and an intense craving for more!” says Shulman. You can also squash your cravings with healthy options like a glass of water or herbal tea, some fruit or vegetables, a handful of almonds, or inulin. Haven’t heard of inulin before? Inulin is a fiber that can make you feel satiated and promotes digestive health. There are even chews that contain inulin, designed for moments (like 4:12pm) when cravings arise.

Can Food Really Make a Difference?

When researchers studied the diet of people from Australia, China, Greece, Japan and Sweden, they found eating vegetables, legumes, fish and olive oil were associated with younger-looking skin. It makes sense that diets rich in whole foods like vegetables, fish and legumes would be helpful to the skin as they are low in sugar.

Cutting Out Sugar

Did you known the average American consumes 2 pounds of sugar per week? Sugar is hiding in many everyday foods and drinks. We know that cutting sugar completely out of your day isn’t realistic. By focusing on whole, fresh foods you can cut down on your sugar intake and feed your skin beautiful.

Surprisingly Sugary Foods In Your Day:

2 tbsp of peanut butter = ½ tsp of sugar

1 tbsp of mayonnaise = ¼ tsp sugar

½ cup of pasta sauce = 2.5 tsp of sugar

1 granola bar = 2 ½ tsp of sugar

1 tbsp of ketchup = 1 tsp of sugar

1 small iced coffee = up to 8 tsp of sugar

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